Community Land & Water Coalition

A project of Save the Pine Barrens, Inc. a Massachusetts non-profit, volunteer led alliance of groups and individuals. Our mission:

To preserve, protect and steward our finite land and water resources.

We are losing them fast.

We work in Southeastern Massachusetts and with a regional network of groups and individuals to protect clean drinking water, rivers, forests and the people who depend on them for survival.

Destruction of Pine Barrens ecosystems caused by strip mining, cranberry bogs, and industrial solar. January 24, 2021, AD Makepeace mining site. Once a pristine Pine Barrens forest.
Hannula mining operation on Rochester Road in Carver MA. Hannula claims this is just a cranberry agriculture project. This ruse was approved Carver Earth Removal Committee. This project is digging into the aquifer and harming our sole source aquifer.