Corporate Wall of Shame: Destroying forests, Indigenous sites, mining sand for industrial ground mounted solar!

A.D. Makepeace was shamefully awarded “Private Company Board of the Year” by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) New England Chapter at a May 4th Gala in Boston.

Members of Save the Pine Barrens protested this award due to the company’s destruction of globally rare pine barrens forests in Southeastern Massachusetts for earth removal and solar activities. The region is the ancestral home of the Wampanoag Native American people and evidence of Indigenous peoples are present on lands throughout the area that are desecrated by the company.

A.D. Makepeace is NOT a responsible land steward! Makepeace uses “cranberry farming” as a cover for its mining operations. It promotes itself as “sustainable,” however, it is anything but.

Makepeace’s greenwashing must end