Kelly Gallagher on the Dangers of Battery Storage Systems

Kelly Gallagher, a Massachusetts resident, shares information on the dangers of solar battery systems based on her own experiences.

The use of these systems has been incentivized throughout the state without properly notifying municipalities to allow them to have a say on battery storage projects.

Approximately 66% of the Cobalt used for these batteries comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where unethical labor is often used to extract this mineral.

A majority of towns in Massachusetts have not amended their bylaws to allow battery storage systems, nor have they determined requirements for safe placement and use. Thermal runaway is a major safety concern with battery storage facilities and can happen when high temperatures are reached within the battery due to faulty cells or damage leading to fires or explosions. These fires are extremely difficult to contain and will continue even when water is used on them.

Large amounts of contaminated water from extinguishment efforts for battery fires will often leach into surrounding waterways, soils, and ecosystems. Battery storage facilities require new regulations to determine proper placement and use!