Norton: Fight continues over NextSun 63 acre solar in wetland, ACEC

A controversial and destructive 63-acre industrial solar project planned for a cranberry bog off Bay Road in Norton, Massachusetts was rejected by the planning board for a second time in 2019. NextSun Energy of Colorado is the developer behind this project.

Local groups opposed to this project such as Residents for Responsible Solar Energy say that NextSun project would be “detrimental to the area.”

Kelly Gallagher, the group’s spokeswoman says, “We are opposing this project because of site-specific issues that cause concern for our health, safety and welfare.”

In addition to concerns about loud noise being emitted from the solar farm, neighbors fear toxic metals will leach into the ground and water supply from the solar panels and an estimated 300,000 pounds of batteries.

The area is located in a well protection zone over the Canoe River Aquifer, which supplies local drinking water.

Residents also expressed concerns about hazards if the solar panels or batteries catch fire.

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