Carver: Citizen’s Suit provision of state law invoked against AD Makepeace mining

Citizens invoke state citizen suit law, send demand letter and notice of intent to sue AD Makepeace, Carver “Earth Removal Committee” and Building Inspector for failure to enforce the law.

Map and Legend below.

  • State’s Citizen Suit Law, General Laws Chapter 214, Section 7A,  invoked to stop “Damage to Environment” from AD Makepeace sand and gravel mining to supply its Read Custom Soils facility in Carver
  • Destroying Native American sites
  • Residents, including Wampanoag Tribal Members sends demand letter
  • Long running campaign exposes Southeastern Massachusetts cranberry growers such as AD Makepeace using “agriculture” as a ruse for sand and gravel mining that causes massive environmental destruction
  • No environmental impact reports, no evaluation of damage to Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer

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List of some AD Makepeace mining and solar sites in Wareham, Carver and Plymouth