AD Makepeace seeks to “close out” MEPA TMUD review while still covering up damage from sand mining & more

AD Makepeace is “closing out” its special deal with the state for environmental review lite under the state “MEPA” statute. The company its “Final Environmental Impact Report” (FEIR) (copy is here) in March, 2022. The public has a chance to submit comments. You can also get a copy from Makepeace: Stacy Minihane (508) 366- 0560,

Makepeace made this deal in 2007 order to get a sign off to develop approximately 6,500 acres of its land in Plymouth, Carver and Wareham. Makepeace was supposed to develop the land as a model of  “smart growth and open space”, conserve land, and ensure public participation.

It has done none of this!   This is a BAIT & SWITCH!

 MEPA is holding an information session Thursday May 12

 6:30 p.m. on Google Meet.  This is case number EEA # 13940:


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The public has until May 23, 2022 to submit final comments VIA: or uploaded to the MEPA Public Comments Portal.

MEPA will issue its decision on May 31, 2022

Join the call, send in comments AND accountability for all of Makepeace’s destruction in the TMUD area!

Demand that the state MEPA office:

  1. declare that Makepeace’s EIR does not adequately describe the nature and extent of the environmental damage caused by its mining and solar projects in the TMUD, and
  2. require a revised EIR in draft for real public comment and input

Overview our our attempts to force Makepeace to disclose Damage to the Environment

July 30, 2021 Save the Pine Barrens submitted a Notice of Project Change (NPC) request under MEPA seeking a demanding that MEPA enforce AD Makepeace to file a Notice of Project Change (NPC) and that the company account for all of the Damage to the Environment caused by ADM’s work in the 6,000 acre Tihonet Mixed Use Development (TMUD) area.

MEPA refused to require Makepeace to do this. STPB asked again in October 2021 and MEPA again refused.

Instead of smart growth, residential and light industrial in the TMUD area, AD Makepeace has pivoted to industrial sand mining, trucking and land based solar development.

In the last 10 years, MEPA signed off on ADM’s environmental notification forms (just a notice, not an environmental impact report or “EIR”) allowing 12 solar projects to proceed in Carver and Wareham. Sand mining was entirely ignored. Read Custom Soil’s sales, distribution and trucking operations have been ignored.

On July 30, 2021, Save the Pine Barrens filed a Notice of Project change with MEPA to require a full accounting of AD Makepeace’s Damage to the Environment. This report shows Makepeace made material misrepresentations over the years in its’ environment notices to MEPA and concealed material information about the nature and extent of its Damage to the Environment

MEPA failed to exercise even the most basic due diligence to check on ADM’s claims in the notices. This has resulted in reckless, unmitigated Damage to the Environmental.

Some of the most egregious misrepresentations by ADM that were overlooked by MEPA include:

Carver: failure to disclose to MEPA the 4.4 million cubic yard strip mine at 59 Federal Road. This are is designated “residential” in ADM’s original EIR. It is now the site of a massive unlawful sand mining operation. ADM is claiming the strip mining is being done to build an 18-acre bog and reservoir. This is not a legitimate agricultural plan but a pretext for strip mining.

Carver: ADM failed to disclose it has never built the 32-acre Wankinko agricultural project described in the TMUD Phase C-1 EIR in 2011. Instead, ADM has used this agricultural project as a ruse to strip mine at the site of the Read Custom Soils operation on Federal Road. The strip mine has extended far beyond the area covered by the Phase C1 MEPA EIR. The MEPA office overlooked this for at least 10 years.

Carver: Borrego “Golden Field” solar project, now 50 acres of industrial solar. ADM told the MEPA office it would be removing 40,000 cubic yards of earth to build this solar project. Instead, it has removed far more and it is unaccounted for. ADM never reported the environmental impacts of this earth removal to MEPA.

Wareham: Over a period of about 10 years, ADM conducted earth removal operations in the TMUD area. This included at the Borrego Solar sites at 160 Tihonet Road (50 acres), Farm to Market Road (several sites, about 50 acres) and the REDP solar site at Charlotte Furnace Road (50 acres). ADM was supposed to describe the earth removal activities to MEPA in the environmental notice for each solar project. This required giving an accurate accounting of the volume of earth removed so that Damage to the Environment from altering topography, removing vegetation, soils and sand and destroying plants and wildlife can be reviewed by MEPA. MEPA failed to use due diligence to check on what ADM was putting in its reports. Obvious facts were overlooked.

The only way to find out the true Damage to the Environment AD Makepeace, Borrego and others have caused in the TMUD areas of Carver, Plymouth and Wareham is for MEPA to require Makepeace to do a draft environmental impact report and require full public participation.