Plymouth: The Walk Development, Colony Place

More dense development is being proposed on land in Colony Place

The original “Commerce Way” project as this was called, is governed by a state environmental review under MEPA

In 2021, the ZBA approved “The Walk” a dense “40B” development abutting Sawyer’s Reach

Concerns about water supply, sewage disposal and impacts on Darby Pond were paramount in 2021

There should be a comprehensive study of the hydrological, traffic, and community impacts of MORE intense development in the area such as the Claremont Development project and Roundtree Automotive

General location of The Walk, Sawyer’s Reach and proposed Claremont Development, Colony Place, Plymouth abutting Kingston and conservation land.

This page has information about the “environmental impact review” process for the Colony Place area starting in August, 2002. The project was then called “Plymouth Gateway” and changed its name to Colony Place. The developer was Saxon Real Estate Partners/Gary Darmin. The Estimated Cost of the build-out was then $90 million. Saxon has since sold all or parts of the development. Are the new owners complying with the state Mass. Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) certificates and reviews? Is the project being segmented improperly for MEPA review?

Does Claremont Development require a MEPA filing?

Below: March 31, 2017 Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs for the “redevelopment” of 6.4 acres on Commerce Way and Christa McAuliffe Boulevard. The 2017 Certificate was issued by the developer’s friend, former Secretary Matt Beaton who owned Beaton-Kane Construction with now state rep Hannah Kane, wife of Jim Kane. Hannah Kane now owns Beaton’s construction company. Jim Kane is CEO and President of AD Makepeace of Wareham, the region’s largest strip mining company.

Below: Jones River Watershed Association comments on what was called the “Plymouth Gateway” – now Colony Place – to develop this area in 2002 and 2003.

Here is one document, Town peer review, on “The Walk” in 2021. The Final ZBA permit is not readily available and can be obtained from the Town of Plymouth.

What is the cumulative impact of this decision by Plymouth Planning Board on July 27, 2022 which voted yes on this the proposal of Roundtree Automotive LLC at the end of Commerce Way. ClThis is close to the new Amazon fulfillment center.

299 Cherry Street, Map 102, Lot 11-11 (portion of 11-8) (cont. from 5/18)

Special Permits to operate an automotive sales and automobile service station; for a use that has parking for more than 200 vehicles; for a use that retains less than 30% of the site’s area in its natural state; to modify off-street parking; to allow parking spaces 9’ wide by 18’ in length and to modify screening and visual relief (5/18)

Partial Release of Covenant –  Map 102, Lot 11-11, Cherry Street-PLANNING BOARD YES VOTE July 27, 2022.