Don’t Pillage Plymouth: Get involved to protect drinking water!

Are you concerned about the destruction of Plymouth by massive development projects?

Are Town officials protecting our drinking water?

Are your concerns ignored by the Selectboard, Planning Board, ZBA and Conservation Commission?

Find out how you can use our local zoning and general bylaws to protect our drinking water and community!

We are hearing concerns from so many people about the destruction of our forests, drinking water aquifer and wetlands in Plymouth. We are such a big Town its hard to keep up. We will use this page to keep you updated! Get educated, attend meetings and get involved!

Here are a few of the most egregious and inappropriate projects and outrageous decisions by Town boards and committees with some info on what you can do.

BREAKING! August 16, 2022: Plymouth Conservation Commission votes 5-2 to rescind the “Rules and Regulations for Plymouth Wetlands Protection Bylaw. Read more here.

August 22: 4 to 6 p.m. Wetlands Educational Forum-FREE-on Plymouth Wetlands Bylaw and what YOU can do!

North Plymouth: Pyramid Developers, Syracuse NY: Independence Mall: 200-lot car dealership, car wash and automotive service in an Aquifer Protect Zone! ATTEND! August 17: Plymouth Zoning Board of Appeals. Pyramid Mall, Rountree public hearing.

North Plymouth/Sawyers Reach/Westwood neighborhood: Claremont Development project: about 200 units, aquifer protection district. ATTEND! Plymouth Zoning Board of Appeals, Sept. 7 public hearing. Bylaws or Why-Laws?

North Plymouth: The Walk: under construction-will strain the North Plymouth Well, restrictions imposed in 2021 by ZBA.

West Plymouth: Big West Pond: Priority Habitat for Rare and Endangered Species: Plymouth Conservation Commission being asked to enforce the Wetlands Bylaw to prevent ongoing, longstanding destruction.

South Plymouth/AD Makepeace strip mine 217 acres of pristine Pine Barrens forest and Priority Habitat for Rare & Endangered Species being mined illegally by AD Makepeace; violating wetlands laws by working with a permit; earth removal permit expired. You Tube drone video show mining and sand washing operation. ATTEND! August 23, 2022 Conservation Commission Public Hearing; September 7, 2022 ZBA public hearing on expired earth removal permit.

South Plymouth/AD Makepeace Red Brook development: Wareham Road mining under the ruse of “site preparation” for more condos. August 10, 2022: CLWC seeks investigation and enforcement of earth removal bylaw via letter to Nick Mayo, Building Department.

August 3, 2022: AD Makepeace earth removal operation, Wareham Road, Plymouth. AD Makepeace claims this is earth removal for landscaping at Red Brook

Route 44/Route 3: On Collins Ave., Spencer Realty strip mine under the ruse of “site preparation” for a warehouse. ZBA member Peck calls it a “ruse” for earth removal, others rubber stamp. About $9 million being removed! You Tube drone video.

Long Pond Road/Old Exit 5: Spencer Realty-Megachurch. Strip mining done by Scott Spencer for “site preparation” – another ruse. “We drink it-rethink it” campaign underway in opposition to this.

Long Pond Road/Old Exit 5: County Woodlot: County Commissioners proposing racetrack on former strip mine that is supposed to be a solar site. The old “bait and switch”!

Contact us with your concerns!