Demand for Enforcement of Plympton’s Earth Removal Bylaw sent to Town Building Commissioner

On June 30, 2022, a demand for enforcement of Plympton’s Earth Removal Bylaws was sent to Plympton Building Commissioner, Thomas Millias by an attorney representing Save the Pine Barrens. This letter demanded enforcement against SLT Construction’s illegal earth removal activities occurring on Lot 19-2-4 at 0 Spring Street in Plympton. On September 19, 2022 a follow up to this demand was sent.

These letters serve as a reminder that earth removal activities cannot be conducted without a valid earth removal permit which SLT does not currently have for that lot. Earth removal activities include stockpiling and moving earth materials which SLT told Plympton they would be doing in a June 28th letter attached below. This is yet another example of a town refusing to enforce its earth removal bylaws as private corporations such as SLT act with impunity.

The demand for enforcement requests that the Building Commissioner issue a Cease and Desist Order to halt this illegal earth removal and issues fines of $300 per day if the activities do not cease.

Request for enforcement:

SLT Plan to Stockpile Earth Materials: