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Carver: Asking for answers on toxic arsenic poles for “dual use” solar on cranberry bogs

Lawsuit challenging Carver Conservation Commission’s failure to follow public process for arsenic solar pole replacement goes to court on Tuesday Dec. 6, 2022

Open to the public: 2 p.m. 72 Belmont Street, Brockton MA

The Court hearing will focus on whether the Judge should rule that the Carver Conservation Commission violated the wetlands law by allowing PineGate to replace the toxic arsenic solar poles with concrete poles without following the rules for a public hearing. The Commission cut the public out. It issued an enforcement order telling PineGate to remove the poles and also letting the company replace the poles with concrete. There should have been an open and transparent process.

The lawsuit brought by an abutter to the poles who lives within 50 feet.

Here are some of the relevant legal documents:

Plaintiff’s Lawsuit

Plaintiff’s request to the court to enter a decision in Plaintiff’s favor

PineGate’s opposition brief

PineGate’s expert affidavit saying there is no risk to water or food

Plaintiff’s brief

Ocean Spray refuses to accept cranberries from the two Pine Gate toxic pole sites. Yet the state DOER continues to promote “dual use” solar on cranberry bogs.

The Pull the Poles Campaign continues to advocate for transparency and accountability for the Carver arsenic solar poles debacle.

Residents demand answers:

1. What is the status of the Pine Gate 3,500 CCA poles at the two sites in Carver? This summer during the drought they were being irrigated. Are they harvesting cranberries from the pole sites? Some of the poles were being removed. We heard rumors that the plan to replace the CCA poles with concrete has been abandoned. What is the new plan?

Where are the testing results for the soil, groundwater and cranberries at the CCA PineGate sites. Please consider this a public records request.

2. AD Makepeace Swan Holt bog/Renewable Energy Partners 1-mile of CCA poles to mount solar panels on a cranberry bog irrigation canal that is a channelized river and Water of the United States (WOTUS) under the Federal Clean Water Act. 

Rumor is that the original CCA poles are being used, and the outside layer of CCA chemicals simply being shaved off. Is this what is happening? We want reports from engineers for the project, Beals + Thomas and Weston Sampson about this decision. For the Carver Conservation Commission, did this require a notice of project change? Where are soil and water testing and all information to justify the decision to simply reuse the 1 mile of toxic solar poles.

What is the cost to taxpayers and ratepayers in dollar amounts of this dual use solar project?

As to the cost of potential damage to our sole source aquifer, do we remediate damage?

August, 2022, during a drought: PineGate Renewables irrigating a cranberry bog under toxic CCA poles, Carver MA. Were these berries harvested for Ocean Spray?