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Carver-Plymouth: Weston Franklin Marsh – Ryco Excavating mining operation continues under the ruse of cranberry agriculture

This massive strip mine is located on the border of Plymouth and Carver

Since 2018, the Westons have been conducting an industrial mining operation under the false pretense of agriculture with permits from Plymouth ZBA & Carver

Massachusetts law is clear: this does not qualify under state or local law “incidental” agricultural use

January 2023 Update: Westons exploit the land again – after illegally mining to create an “agricultural reservoir” now they plan “floating solar” on the illegally created reservoir — backed by state subsidies– and Plymouth Planning Board goes along

See the Plymouth – WestonsReWild” solar plans here

The Westons are seeking subsidies for a “Floating Solar Tariff Generation Unit” under the state SMART program

Winter, 2022: Franklin Marsh sand and gravel mining operation: total volume about 1 million cubic yards, market value about $9 million, duration about 5 years. Does not qualify as an “incidental” land use under Massachusetts law.

Under the ruse of an “agricultural project” Franklin Marsh Cranberry Co., whose owners are Gary Weston and his son Craig Weston started a massive, 1 million cubic yard earth removal operation in 2018. The bylaws of Carver and Plymouth prohibit earth removal on this land which is zoned residential-agricultural, without a permit. To obtain the permit, the Weston’s employed the age-old ruse of claiming that removing sand and gravel was merely “incidental” to building an 18-acre “agricultural project. This scale of earth removal does not meet the legal standard set by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for an “incidental” agricultural project.

The Westons are also leasing their land to PowerPlus/Cranberry Point for the 150 MW battery storage facility in a residential neighborhood. The Weston primary business is not cranberry farming but sand and gravel mining and leasing their land for industrial energy infrastructure. Ironically, Craig Weston is Carver’s Fire Chief. Due to the conflicts of interest, he has had to recuse himself from being involved in safety preparedness regarding the Cranberry Point project.

Weston’s massive strip mine under the ruse of “agriculture.” Ryco Excavating is doing the work.

Here is a short video on the Franklin Marsh Cranberry mining operation: Wampanoag Rights v. Extraction of Sand & Gravel

See drone footage here:

Drone 1

Drone 2

Drone 3

Franklin Marsh sand and gravel removal site 2021. Site has expanded since then. Sand and gravel mining operations are occurring in the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer.

Read the legal analysis of how sand and gravel mining operators evade local bylaws by disguising their operation as “agricultural”.

State SMART Solar Regulations here.

See Carver ReWild Renewables floating solar plans by Beals+Thomas for the Westons here: