Plymouth: ZBA refuses to take action on Spencer mining operation under the ruse of subdivision road on Long Pond Road

January 17, 2023 — ZBA issues Decision in Case No. 4077, refuses to enforce the Bylaw despite credible evidence of violations – decision below. ZBA

Carver: Jan. 2023: Johnson Brothers “Cranberry” – Ryco Excavating allowed to continue mining operation under the ruse of cranberry agriculture

On January 25, 2023, the Carver Earth Removal Committee unanimously extended Johnson’s expired permit indefinitely Town ignores enforcement requests, drinking water wells near site run

Plymouth: Spencer-G. Lopes mining operation continues under ruse of clearing a building site at 10 Collins Ave. — right on Route 3!

Why is are Plymouth Town officials, the Planning Board, ZBA and Planning Department going along with Scott Spencer’s earth removal scam on Route 3? Who is benefitting from this? Not the Town and not our drinking water or environment.

Carver: Town Meeting 2023 Warrant Articles

Town Meeting in Carver is April 11, 2023. Citizen Petitions aim to protect drinking water, forest, and control large ground mounted industrial solar and battery storage.

Carver-Plymouth: Weston Franklin Marsh – Ryco Excavating mining operation continues under the ruse of cranberry agriculture

Craig & Gary Weston, part of the cranberry “Cosa Nostra” of Carver as they call themselves, are doing a massive strip mine under the false pretense of agriculture. In Jan. 2023, the Plymouth Planning Board joined the Plymouth ZBA in complicity in this exploitation of legal loopholes and solar subsidies. The Planning Board approved “floating solar” for the illegally created reservoir.

Cranberry Country Corruption

Going behind the curtain to expose corruption in the sand and gravel and cranberry industry in Southeastern Massachusetts. Town officials give permits under the false pretense of cranberry agriculture for massive illegal sand and gravel mining operations.

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