About Us

We are a statewide network of groups and individuals taking action to protect our land and water to ensure a livable future for all life on Earth.

That means clean water, healthy ecosystems and forests that support the world-class biodiversity at our doorsteps. Massachusetts has one of the most unique forested ecosystems here at home and is the 8th most forested state in the United States.

In Southeastern Massachusetts our work concentrates on protecting our drinking water: the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer. Forests, sand and gravel protect and filter the aquifer.

Deforestation caused by sand and gravel mining and industrial ground mounted solar is increasing at an alarming rate!

We have lost so much – and that is why it is so important protect what is left.

Map of Massachusetts Pine Barrens

We are advocates for accountability and transparency as a route to raise awareness and educate the community about what it takes to make change happen.

Mailing address: Post Office Box 1699, Plymouth MA 02362 email: environmentwatchsoutheasternma at gmail.com