Wareham MA: 44-acres on Weweantic River abutting Pine Barrens conservation land & residential neighborhood targeted by ConEdison for industrial solar

44 acres of industrial solar; toxic batteries risk fire, explosions in residential neighborhood

In the Town of Wareham, MA the Fearing Hill area is being targeted by the Colorado-based solar company, the Clean Energy Collective, Con Edison and land speculators for an industrial solar energy generating station and battery storage. Wareham already has 19 solar projects – over 330 acres have been clear-cut and in some cases stripmined. Another 1,400 acres are planned including this project. Fearing Hill is one of the highest points of land in the town and has historic significance, high biodiversity, ancient ways and wetlands.

44 ACRES of industrial solar and toxic battery facility is being proposed close to residential neighborhoods!



  • On June 12, 2021, Wareham Town Meeting voted unanimously to outlaw this type of industrial solar project — 44 acres that cuts down trees — but these developers want an exemption.


  • The project abuts 44 homes in West Wareham residential neighborhood and 114 acre Fearing Hill conservation land owned by the people of Wareham.  Industrial solar reduces our property values & will be an eyesore to users of the conservation land trails. Read more about the URI study on industrial solar and property values here.


  • The project will destroy wild, woodland habitat and forest in a globally rare Pine Barrens ecosystem with many rare and protected species. Read more about the impacts of ground-mounted solar on deforestation here and the wide range of protected species found in the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens here.


  • The important Weweantic River watershed will be harmed by the loss of forest cover that filters water and by stormwater runoff. This project will scrape vegetation and soil that protects and filters the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer – our drinking water. Read more about the reach of the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer on the EPA website here.


  • Massachusetts energy czars force ratepayers and taxpayers to give lavish subsidies to these developers claiming this is clean energy.  The solar scheme can’t succeed without our subsidies! Do we want our money spent on this?


  • The project has 7,333 solar panels and massive 4.4 MW AC batteries that will be trash in 20 years and very expensive to get rid of. Find out more information about solar waste here.
  • The batteries are unsafe and pose a risk of fire and explosion and can leak toxic chemicals into the ground overlying our aquifer. A fire could engulf the nearby forest, threatening residences. There is only one main access road that could cause a delayed fire department response. Read about the industrial solar and battery fire in Arizona here.


  • Solar developers are preying on Wareham which has significant environmental justice and working class population dangling cash payments. Solar panel manufacturing often exploits workers – many are made in China by Uigher minorities under questionable labor practices.  Lithium and cadmium mining for panels and batteries is destructive and often exploits workers and Indigenous communities. Read more about the environmental justice population in Wareham community and the environmental justice policies regarding environmental affairs here.

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CLWC has submitted comments to the Wareham Planning Board for the public hearing on June 28, 2021.