BESS Battery Storage

2023: DOER Commissioner Woodcock departs

Governor Healy has appointed Elizabeth Mahony to replace former DOER Commissioner Woodcock. Woodcock was in office to promote the corporate interests of the energy industry. He leaves behind a legacy of forest clear-cuts and polluted waterways caused by his solar subsidy program. We will be carefully tracking the new Commissioner’s decisions on energy issues including solar and renewable energy.

Carver: Cranberry Point Battery Storage Facility: Overview

Texas based PowerPlus is proposing a 150 MW lithium ion storage battery system in a residential neighborhood in Carver MA. Governor Baker calls this clean energy-it will store electricity from fossil fuel plants until maybe some day in the future there is renewable electricity in SE MA that needs storage. Carver already has 19 large ground mounted solar projects with battery storage. We’ve done our part. Put it elsewhere.

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