Defend our Drinking Water and Forests! Stop Makepeace Strip Mining!

When: Thursday, September 8 at 5:30 pm

Where: A.D. Makepeace Box Mill Hall, 150 Tihonet Road, Wareham, MA

What: Join friends and allies as we stand out against A.D. Makepeace’s strip mining and solar projects which are destroying globally rare pine barrens forests and removing protection for our groundwater aquifer.


On Thursday, September 8, State Representative Susan Williams Gifford will be hosting U.S. Congressional Candidate Jesse Brown at A.D. Makepeace’s Box Mill Hall for a fundraiser. This event will take place on the same street as Makepeace’s nightmare solar and strip mine sites which have destroyed globally rare pine barrens ecosystems.

Join us to defend drinking water and forests and stand out against A.D. Makepeace’s environmental destruction!

Makepeace’s strip mining and solar projects are responsible for widespread environmental degradation which threatens our communities. These projects are wiping out biodiversity and ecosystems while threatening our only source of drinking water, the Plymouth-Carver Sole Source Aquifer.

In Carver alone, Makepeace has 19 large solar projects which consist of 200 acres of solar, most of which are placed on top of strip mining sites.

Solar and strip mine on 59 Federal Road, Carver, MA

Strip mine on 0 Hammond Street, Carver, MA

Satellite Imagery of strip mine and solar on 71 Charlotte Furnace Road, Wareham, MA

A.D. Makepeace’s own CEO Jim Kane has called these solar projects a “fad” and “junk.” These projects are not about solar, they’re about sand mining and profits. Makepeace continues to strip away pristine Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecosystems for profit at the expense of the environment and our drinking water!

Show up to defend our drinking water and forests! RSVP!