Demand Plymouth Conservation Commission enforce the law against AD Makepeace strip mine!

Commission’s records show permit for AD Makepeace 217-acre strip mine never granted

Town Wetlands Bylaw and state Wetlands Protection Act require permit, Makepeace said it would apply and never did

Conservation Commission never inspected or enforced the Bylaw — letting Makepeace strip mine under the false pretense of agriculture

On July 12, 2022, Community Land & Water Coalition filed a Request for Determination (RDA) under the Town’s Wetlands Bylaw and state Wetlands Protection Act. We are demanding the Town hold AD Makepeace accountable.

Enough is enough — enough threatening our groundwater by removing the filtration provided by trees, vegetation and sand and gravel — all under the RUSE of building cranberry bogs. The project is located in the heart of the Pine Barrens at the iconic, globally rare Frogfoot Brook. In 2010, state and Makepeace promised this site would be conservation. Instead, now it’s being strip mined.

The Plymouth Conservation Commission must do its job under the law to protect our wetlands, groundwater and rivers. Letting Makepeace get away with this strip mine and fake agricultural project without a Wetlands Permit is not acceptable.

The Plymouth Conservation Commission is holding a public “meeting” under the state law and a “public hearing” under the Town Wetlands Bylaw on August 23, 2022. This is open to the public! ATTEND AND COMMENT!

Read Makepeace’s August 17, 2022 letter to the Commission responding to Save the Pine Barren’s demand for enforcement. It makes three points: 1. the ruse of a cranberry bog is exempt from the wetlands law; 2. the Conservation Commission shouldn’t revisit it’s 10 year old decision; and 3. a state review blessed the project. All three are wrong.

The state Department of Fish and Game is going along — issuing a “take permit” for a “cranberry bog project” — who is kidding who?

Map submitted with CLWC RDA to Plymouth Conservation Commission, July 2022