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This page contains brief descriptions of news and scientific articles that align or educate about our goals and objectives.

ROCHESTER, MA: Rochester must reject more ground-mounter solar…

Rochester Wanderer September 9, 2021 #stopthetrucks

The following articles, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor cover our July 31st Massachusetts Statewide Rally to Honor the Land and protect lands and waters from industrial solar development.

Ahead of Greenfield Rally, climate activists warn against destroying forests, farmland for solar energy project

Greenfield rally to seek moratorium on large-scale solar projects

Honoring the Land Rally at the Energy Park

Hundreds gather to support environmental protections

MA Statewide Rally in Wareham: Honoring the Land

My Turn: Is solar a solution to the climate crisis?

My Turn: Large-scale solar moratorium urgently needed

Moratorium on State Subsidies for Ground Mounted Solar petition

Rally to protect forests from solar development Saturday in Wareham, Greenfield

Rally calls for halt on large-scale solar

Residents rally in Wareham to stop subsidizing solar projects that clear-cut woodlands

Solar gone wrong

July 31st No Clear Cutting for Solar event photo gallery

July 3, 2021

The solar project being installed in Massachusetts right now include “battery storage” — batteries the size of shipping containers are being strewn about the land – in Carver and Wareham in particular. These batteries risk fire and explosion in the heart of residential areas and forested lands in Wareham and Carver.

Read more about the Lithium battery storage fire in the Chicago Tribune here.

July 2, 2021

Trees save lives! Urban areas that have tree canopies have been lowering city temperatures about 10 degrees, proving some relief during hard-hitting heat waves! However, growing trees in cities prove to be challenging, due to insufficient water demand, cutting down to provide space for other development, and due to insect pests that can invade urban trees, such as the emerald ash borer. Despite these challenges, more and more city government and institutions are starting to see the benefit of trees for not only their ability to provide some shade during heat waves, but also their part in the water cycle, soil compaction, and surprisingly can play a part in reducing electricity demand.

“Carefully positioned trees can reduce a home’s energy costs by 25 percent, according to the Department of Energy. Nationwide, urban trees offer an estimated $18.3 billion in air pollution removal, carbon sequestration, lowered energy use in buildings and reduced emissions from power plants.”

Read more about the New York Times article on tree benefits in urban environments here.

July 1, 2021

Deforestation for development, like industrial solar sites and strip mining in Southeastern Massachusetts, has many impacts on the environment, plants, animals, and humans. An impact that has been largely overlooked in previous years, but is gaining traction following the COVID-19 outbreak is the connection between environmental degradation and disease outbreaks. For our region, the destruction of forested land has been suggested to be connected to the increase in Lyme disease in Massachusetts. Recent reports suggest that there has been a 6% increase in Lyme disease in 2020 compared to previous years. We need to protect our family and friends by standing against the destruction of forested lands in Southeastern Massachusetts!

“….deforestation, commercial palm plantations and other reforestation activities have a direct correlation with a rise in two major disease types: vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and malaria that are transmitted through mosquitoes and ticks, and zoonotic diseases like the novel coronavirus that come into being by making a jump from an animal host to a human one.”

Read more about the connection of deforestation and disease here.

June 8, 2021

Op-ed in the Wareham Weekly written by Annie Hayes makes a compelling case regarding the shear amount of additional industrial solar projects that have been already approved for plans, approximately 1470 more acres in Wareham alone! Read more here.

June 6, 2021

Margaret Sheehan wrote an opinion piece in the Commonwealth Magazine about the unprecedented deforestation of old forests in occurring in Southeastern Massachusetts. Her piece calls out the big players in the game called deforestation – Borrego Solar and AD Makepeace. Read the full story here.

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