Welcome to Save the Pine Barrens & Community Land & Water Coalition!

Our mission is to protect, preserve and steward our land and water resources including our drinking water.

We carry out our mission by education, outreach and raising public awareness. We support local communities and help to elevate the voices of those impacted by sand and gravel mining and drinking water contamination.

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Tel. 508 259 9154

Mailing address: Post Office Box 1699, Plymouth MA 02360

**We will soon have office space centrally located in the region!

Check out our You Tube Channel for projects we are documenting. Use the “Search” box or “Playlist” to find sites.

For over 15 years, across its vast land holdings in Southeastern Massachusetts, AD Makepeace has destroyed forests, endangered species of plants and animals, threatened our sole source aquifer, destroyed Native American cultural sites, and undermined climate resiliency. Makepeace extracts sand and gravel from throughout the region to supply its aggregate material sales and distribution operation Read Custom Soils in Carver, MA

Slocum Gibbs Cranberry, Alex Johnson Cranberry, EJ Pontiff Cranberry and many others are carrying out massive mining projects under the ruse of building cranberry bogs. Other companies like SLT Construction use ruse of a “subdivision” to get permits.

Our mission is to put an end to business as usual, back room deals, and rubber stamped permits for sand and gravel — or worse, no permits at all like in the Town of Wareham.

We are educating local governments about the impacts of sand and gravel mining, poorly sited industrial solar facilities that clear cut forests and threaten drinking water and climate resilience, and industrial scale battery storage projects like the 150 MW Cranberry Point project in Carver.