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Global Sand Crisis

United Nations Report calls for urgent action to regulate sand mining April 26, 2022: United Nations Environment Program releases report and calls for urgent action

Destructive solar sites in Massachusetts

The state’s solar policy has gone horribly wrong. Ratepayer and taxpayer subsidies are being funneled to big corporations to clear-cut forests, strip the land, mine sand and gravel where available, destroy our waterways and Indigenous cultural sites. Large ground-mounted industrial solar projects have already destroyed over 4,000 acres of Massachusetts forests and farmland according to

Legislation: solar in Massachusetts

In December, 2021 two important bills were filed in the Massachusetts legislature to solidify the power of municipal governments to use their local land use powers under the Zoning Enabling Act to reasonably regulate solar. An antiquated provision of the Zoning Enabling Act, Chapter 40A, Section 3, says no municipality should “unreasonably regulate solar except

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