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Plympton: SLT continues Earth Removal in blatant violation of Sept. 28, 2022 Cease & Desist Order

Unregulated sand and gravel mining is ravaging Southeastern Massachusetts and ruining the lives of people living next to these mines. One of the worst offenders is SLT Corporation and its destructive mining operation in Carver and Plympton. SLT applied for a new permit to expand into Plympton even though it is under a cease and desist – which it is ignoring. Why are regulators allowing this? Why did MassDOT sell this land to SLT Construction for earth removal? About 20 acres were mined while MassDOT owned it. Where did the sand go? Where did the money go? Why did MassDOT allow strip mining on public land?

Whistleblower Reports

Throughout 2022, there were noise, truck limit, earth removal and other violations at various sand mining sites in Southeastern Massachusetts. Photos and records from whistleblowers