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Carver: HUGE VICTORY for local residents, environment and proper energy siting: State EFSB votes unanimously to reject petitions of two proposed battery storage facilities


April 30, 2023

State says it plans to reject Cranberry Point application!


In a major win for opponents of the 150 megawatt Battery Energy Storage Facility (“BESS”) proposed for Carver, the state Energy Facility Siting Board (“EFSB”) plans to vote on May 10, 2023 to reject the petition of Power Plus of Texas to build the project. 

Plymouth: Claremont Colony Place development embroiled in Town’s water controversy, lawsuit

The Plymouth Selectboard made a deal with Claremont Developers behind closed doors in late 2022. In exchange for a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals Claremont will gift up to $3 million to the town for a water booster pump. This is a short term, 5-year solution to the town’s water crisis, according to the Town Manager. Selectman Bletzer lobbied the ZBA for the permit, publicly. Claremont is deep in a web of questionable dealings. In addition, a lawsuit has been filed challenging the ZBA permit issued as part of the deal.

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