Strip mine & 50 acre solar site: near Golden Field Pond, Carver MA

BREAKING: May 8, 2021

New info & photos of deforestation & strip mining under the guise of solar energy & saving the planet: Carver, MA, USA

This is an AD Makepeace and Borrego Solar strip mine site.

Location: “Golden Field” solar project, Federal Road, Carver, Massachusetts. 50 acres of ground mounted solar out of 300 acres to date with another 190 acres planned in the same area. The site is within feet of a Golden Field Pond, designated by Massachusetts as a globally rare Priority Habitat for endangered species of plants and animals.

Photos provided to us by a reliable source over the last few days.

An estimated 2-4 million cubic yards of sand was strip mined by AD Makepeace Co. of Wareham MA for the 50 acre solar site between 2016 and about 2019.

Strip mine operations are underway to remove an additional 4 million cubic yards of valuable sand, leveling a 30 foot upland kame forest. There has been no biological survey to assess the status of the 220 plants and animals listed as special concern, threatened or endangered that are known to exist in this ecosystem.

At least $35 million in sand strip mined out so far at this area. This strip mine/solar site is one of 12 brought to us Borrego and AD Makepeace using ratepayer and taxpayer subsidies for “renewable energy” and “agriculature.”

Borrego Solar and AD Makepeace have been working together to site solar in this area for 10 years. The highest points of land were chosen to maximize the volume of earth that could be removed and sold for private profit.

At this site alone, 50 acres of globally rare pristine upland Pine Barrens forests has been leveled. Another 100 acres are planned to be destroyed under an Earth Removal Permit from Carver claiming this is an agricultural operation. We are working to shut this down.

Endangered Eastern Box Turtles have killed. Unknown rare biodiversity of the Pine Barrens ecosystem also destroyed.

Wampanoag cultural sites were allowed to be destroyed under cover of a letter from Mass Historic Commission.

This was allowed to pass Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) review without an environmental impact report.

This is why we are fighting to save the Pine Barrens and standing with our Indigenous allies against destruction of life on Earth. Enough is enough.

This is why the three proposed Makepeace & Borrego Solar projects to strip mine and clearcut another 190 acres in Southeastern Massachusetts must be stopped.
Before and after photos and maps below. More details to come.

Borrego Solar Golden Field Pond Solar Site, Carver MA 50 acres of strip mining of globally rare Pine Barrens habitat

County Woodlot Earth Removal, Plymouth MA

Plymouth continues to be devastated by earth removal operations even though the Town changed its Zoning Bylaws to prohibit operations over 50,000 cubic yards.

One of the most glaring examples of the bait and switch and backroom deals involves sites off Long Pond Road in Plymouth. First, the landowner presented the Town with plans for a cranberry bog claiming this would be the “end use” for the earth removal operation. Once several million cubic yards were removed, with a backroom deal the landowner, Kingstown Trucking, got the Town to agree that land based solar would be fine to replace the cranberry bog that was never built.

Millions of dollars disappeared off the adjacent County owned “Woodlot” as Kingstown excavated ever closer to the property line. Then it managed to get a contract to remove earth from the County Woodlot for the “end use” of industrial land based solar. Residents sued to stop the project but lost on standing grounds. Today, there is no solar project. Just an empty pit. And lots of green in the landowners pocket.

For more information, go to the County Woodlot website: